Liz Figueroa 2006

Thank you for your interest in my new mission to become the first Latina Lieutenant Governor of California. I seek the office of Lieutenant Governor so I can continue my commitment to work on behalf of all Californians on important social and political issues. Throughout my career in public service, I have dedicated myself to improving access and quality of health care (especially for children), protecting consumers and their privacy, and promoting a business climate where honest companies can thrive.

We are holding a rally during the first weekend of next month in order to help gain support for our campaign. The rally will start at 1:00 PM and will last for a few hours. There will be live music, free food (catered food has been graciously donated by Applebee’s). For Those of you who cannot make it out we are going to be filming the event and will post videos on our site in the coming weeks. We will have great videos, as we’ve gotten a scissor lift rental from Rental Force, which is a great place to rent construction equipment. We know that the bathrooms were too crowded at our last rally and this will definitely not be a problem this time around as we’ve had 50 porta potties supplied by

Forty-five men have served as California’s Lieutenant Governor. I intend to be the first woman and the first Latina.

I’m Senator Liz Figueroa, and I have proudly represented the Silicon Valley and East Bay for over a decade. I am a lifelong Californian, a committed Democrat, a proud mother of two children, and now twice a grandmother. I speak fluent Spanish and have solid support statewide among Latinos and women. I spent most of my professional life as a small-business owner, and can appeal to the millions of voters to whom that is an important issue.

Too many people have used the office of Lieutenant Governor as a stepping-stone to something else. I have more respect for the job than that. I don’t want this job just for my resume; I want to do something with the office of Lieutenant Governor. And, I will because I have a reputation for being a path breaker whose ideas are adopted nationwide, year after year. (read more)

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